Network Atriv Teams Up With Flare Network to Launch AI Digital Art Platform


Atriv, an AI-powered digital art platform, and Flare, a data-focused Layer 1 blockchain network, have announced a collaboration to build out the Flare NFT ecosystem.

The partnership will enable Atriv to bring its AI-generated NFTs to Flare, taking advantage of the Layer 1 blockchain’s scalability and interoperability for simplified creation and issuance of NFTs.

The collaboration is designed to make it easier for artists, businesses and collectors to create, issue and trade AI-powered NFTs. By entering text into a generator, users will be able to generate unique NFTs.

Abel Sebhatu, CEO & co-founder of Atriv, commented that the partnership is “driven by [their] shared vision of harnessing cutting-edge technology to reshape how digital art is created and shared.” Atriv will benefit from Flare’s data-centric L1 blockchain, allowing users to mint NFTs on Flare and use other chains like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin for payments.

Atriv offers a dynamic marketplace, a white-label collection, IPFS decentralised storage and customisable storefront pages, all of which are important to the digital art creation ecosystem. This type of technology is becoming increasingly popular as NFT adoption grows.

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