network “Friendzone Set to Launch on Polygon PoS Network for Social Web3 Platform”


Friendzone, a decentralized social marketplace with a unique reward-sharing system, is expanding to the Polygon PoS blockchain. This move is expected to boost the platform’s growth as it leads the transformation of social media into the Web3 era. Friendzone plans to further expand its reach by launching on the Polygon zkEVM blockchain in the future.

The team behind Friendzone, which includes core contributors and advisors from well-known crypto projects like Synthetix, Band Protocol, and Koinly, believes that incorporating Polygon’s infrastructure will drive adoption of SocialFi applications. With Polygon’s cross-chain syncing and composability features, developers will have more opportunities to create and enhance the social marketplace. Additionally, launching on the Polygon PoS blockchain will open doors for key partnerships and innovations within Friendzone’s ecosystem.

“Choosing Polygon PoS as our first blockchain was a strategic decision based on our shared commitment to scalability and our alignment in developing consumer-centric Web3 applications,” said Kevin Lu, CEO and Co-Founder of Friendzone. “The infrastructure not only supports our mission but also elevates our capabilities, enabling us to lead the way in Web3 adoption.”

Friendzone’s integration with Polygon also brings significant benefits in terms of network speed and scalability. This will further enhance the platform’s presence in the industry and solidify its position as a leader in bringing Web3 expertise to the social media space.

The main goal of Friendzone is to empower the creator economy, with fans incentivized to support creators through the use of the FZE token. Marc Boiron, CEO of Polygon Labs, commented, “Friendzone is spearheading a new era for social media that fully utilizes the potential of Web3 to offer unparalleled user experiences, creator monetization, and community engagement. We are excited to see this vision come to life on Polygon.”

Friendzone is expected to go live on the Polygon PoS blockchain later this month, with the platform announcing a 25 million FZE airdrop in December 2023. Early adopters can also earn $FZE through accumulating Friend points before the platform’s Beta Launch.

In conclusion, Friendzone’s integration with Polygon PoS marks a significant step towards the mainstream adoption of Web3 and the transformation of social media. With its innovative reward-sharing system and strategic partnerships, Friendzone has the potential to revolutionize the creator economy and become a leading platform in the Web3 space.

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