“New Beam Wallet Allows Users to Buy from Amazon and Shopify”


  • Beam Wallet has been acquired by Join, allowing stablecoins to be used for online purchases.
  • With the acquisition, Beam users can now shop online and pay with stablecoins on platforms like Amazon and Shopify.
  • Beam has announced an early access program for this feature, set to roll out in February.

EcoSelf, a self-custody wallet developed by Beam, has acquired WeApp b3, enabling users to shop online and pay with stablecoins on platforms like PayPal and Amazon. This move highlights the growing trend of using stablecoins as a means of storing value.

According to a recent announcement by the Beam Wallet team, the acquisition of Join Checkout onchain offers a convenient way for users to pay for goods and services online, without compromising the benefits of decentralization.

CEO Andy Bromberg stated that the acquisition of Join adds a shopping feature to Beam’s digital wallet, making crypto payments easier and more accessible on a global scale. He believes that payments are the “killer use case” for crypto and this move will further promote its adoption.

Early access to this feature has been announced for those on the waitlist, with a planned rollout in February. The exact date has not been specified by the wallet app.

The Beam wallet app is currently available for Android devices and supports networks like Optimism and Base.

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