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TL;DR: The Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EPF) has completed its fourth cohort and is now preparing for its fifth. Applications will be opening soon. Explore the new EPF.wiki to get started and sign up to be notified by email when the store opens.

The EPF recently completed its fourth successful cohort, marking the end of four months of learning, research, and contribution to the Ethereum Core ecosystem by a talented group of individuals. To learn more, check out some of the previous posts and videos.

EPF4 Stats

The fourth cohort inauguration took place on June 2nd, 2023, with 35 participants receiving a stipend after the review of 400 applications. In addition, five retroactive stipends were awarded to participants who were not initially granted permission. During the four-month period, fellows worked with 27 core developers from different client and research teams in the ecosystem, regularly reporting their progress in almost 600 weekly reports.

EPF4 Projects

In total, the fellows proposed and contributed to 35 projects, some of which are still active. These projects not only provide a learning opportunity but also contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem. All resources for the program are available on the EPF4 repository, where you can see all the activity of the cohort, including resources, updates on development, and fellows’ notes. The work of the cohort, including all FOSS contributions, is open to everyone through Ethereum’s open research and resources.

But the EPF is not just about work and contribution. It also offers the chance to meet inspiring people involved in core development. Over half of the cohort gathered for EPF Day, a full day of programming that includes presentations of projects, panel discussions, and social time.

Ethereum Protocol Fellowship Study Group

Based on feedback received at the end of cohort 4, the EPF launched a precursor program known as the EPF Study Group. This 10-week program provides an in-depth look at various aspects of the protocol and serves as a collaborative knowledge base for developers through epf.wiki. This website is the best place for core developers to access technical information about Ethereum and contribute to the Wiki to enhance their knowledge.

Next Cohort Soon™️

The fifth cohort of the EPF will be starting soon. Stay tuned for an announcement about applications opening in early 2019. To stay updated, join the EPF mailing list. In the meantime, prepare your application by having a solid understanding of Ethereum and contributing to open-source projects through your GitHub profile. Consider the type of project you would like to undertake and how it will fit into the Ethereum ecosystem.

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