“New Record Set by Cryptocurrency Canines Amid Surging Bitcoin Market”


In March of 2024, Bitcoin reached a new milestone by surpassing $71K, leading to a significant increase in the global crypto market cap, which is now approaching $2.7 trillion. Taking advantage of this momentum, the first-ever presale on the Bitcoin network, Bitcoin Dogs, is set to close on March 15th after raising over $9.7M since its launch on February 14th.

Experts believe that the market is currently experiencing a bull run that began in 2023, creating a sense of optimism among investors. The recent approval of the Bitcoin ETF in January, the upcoming halving in April, talks of an ETH ETF approval later this year, and potential Fed rate cuts are all contributing to a wave of bullishness. The team behind Bitcoin Dogs is confident that their unique coin, 0DOG, is strategically positioned to ride this wave as we progress through 2024.

Investors can purchase 0DOG on the Bitcoin Dogs website. The team credits their project’s success to its impeccable timing, as it coincides with the ongoing BTC rally. The bull market gained momentum at the beginning of the year, fueled by the approval of 11 spot ETFs by the SEC, leading to major financial institutions like Blackrock and Fidelity accumulating BTC in large quantities. MicroStrategy also doubled down on its long-term BTC accumulation strategy, acquiring $100 million in debt for further Bitcoin purchases. Additionally, rumors are circulating that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos may have purchased BTC after selling $8.5 billion worth of AMZN shares and meeting with MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor.

The team behind Bitcoin Dogs also believes that their project’s proximity to Bitcoin puts them in a favorable position to benefit from spillover gains associated with the historic BTC rally. Furthermore, 0DOG utilizes two cutting-edge Bitcoin technologies: BRC-20 and Ordinals NFTs. The Ordinals protocol, launched in 2023, allows for the issuance and security of NFTs and custom tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain, similar to Ethereum or Solana.

Bitcoin NFTs are becoming more popular than their Ethereum counterparts thanks to Ordinals, and the team hopes that 0DOG will be the next viral collection to dominate the market. With a strong community of over 100k followers on Twitter before public listings, the team is confident that 0DOG will continue to rise in value.

There are only 5 days left in the Bitcoin Dogs presale, with a final price of $0.0404 per coin. After this period, 0DOG will go public. Given the current market trends and upcoming developments, Bitcoin Dogs may be a promising opportunity for those closely following the latest Bitcoin developments.

Bitcoin Dogs is an innovative project in the Bitcoin ecosystem, offering the first ICO on the original Bitcoin blockchain, combining NFTs, gaming, and new token types. The 0DOG token, which leverages the truly permissionless immutability of Bitcoin, comes with a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience and an exclusive NFT collection for 0DOG holders.

For more information on how to purchase 0DOG, visit the Bitcoin Dogs website. For any inquiries, please contact the Bitcoin Dogs team at [email protected].

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