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The crypto winter of 2022 has had a profound effect on non-fungible tokens. The market value of NFTs has dropped from a staggering $2.77 trillion in December 2021 to only $534 million last month.

Google Searches for NFTs Plunge, Market Takes a Hit

Analyzing Google Trends (GT) data reveals a steep decline in interest in NFTs. The search term “NFT” scored a peak of 52 points in the week between December 26, 2021 and January 1, 2022, while the same term scored only 16 points in the week of December 18–24, 2022.

Google Trends Search Data for the term “NFT” As Of December 25, 2022.

The regions with the most interest in NFTs, according to GT data, are China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Nigeria, and Taiwan.

NFT market has experienced a sharp decrease in sales and interest this year
Google Trends Search Data by region of interest for the year December 25, 2022. reported that NFT sales reached $2.77 billion in December 2021 and $534 million last month. records a sales volume of

#9137 was purchased for 310 ether or $1.21million.

Decline of NFT interest in 2022 with monthly sales dropping 80% snapshot of December 17, 2021.

Dappradar Statisticians Indicate that Cryptopunk #9137 has a current value between 63.95ether & $77,995Cryptopunks Current Floor), or 377.24ether, or $460KDappradar estimates). Archived According According to data from the minimum property value is $0. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC NFT was approximately 87.5ethers. ETH was also traded at $4K per unit. This meant that 87.5 ether was currently selling for around $350,000.

Decline of NFT interest in 2022 with monthly sales dropping 80%
NftpricefloorStatistics, as of December 25, 2022.

A Cryptopunk Could Buy 65 Ether December 19, 2021. Its The value of the property was $260K. Sales Recorded On December 25, 2022 are quite a different story. According A BAYC can be purchased at a current price of 69.88 according to That’s Current exchange rates are approximately $85,159 current.

A cryptopunk NFT was purchased at the current minimum cost December 25, 2022 will be 63.95 ETH, or about $77K USD. The GT data also shows that term interest is very high “Bored

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