Nick Szabo to Present Keynote at Ethereum Conference


London, UK, Oct 22 – The Ethereum Foundation has announced the keynote speaker for the upcoming Ethereum Conference DOVCON1, Nick Szabo. The computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer will address the history and future of blockchain, smart contract technology, and assets on it.

Szabo is recognized for his work on digital contracts and digital currencies. He popularized the phrase and concept of “smart contracts” which is the merging of contract law with programming protocols for the Internet.

In relation to Bitcoin blockchain, Szabo said: “If you want to have a flexible general-purpose programming environment that programmers have been used to since the 1950s at least, then you want to use Ethereum because it has a Turing complete language and a large state. Sometimes I make the comparison between a pocket and pocket calculator [Bitcoin] Comparing, say, to a general purpose computer [Ethereum].

Ethereum Founding founder Vitalik Buterin noted: “We are thrilled to welcome Nick to DOVCON1. His pioneering work on smart contracts and the evolution of blockchain technology will add a tremendous amount of value to the conference.”

DΞVCON1 will take place from November 9 to 13 at Gibson Hall In London, UK. It will consist of five days of technical presentations on core research, protocols, decentralized app (dApp) development and industrial and social implications.

Ethereal is a decentralized blockchain protocol that runs smart contracts – applications that operate with no possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud, or third-party interference.

Ethereal is essentially the way the internet was meant to be.


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