Nimiq Streamlines Crypto Payments on Polygon Network with USDC


  • Nimiq has launched a gas-abstracted USDC feature for Polygon network.
  • Gas abstraction allows blockchain users to pay network fees with tokens they hold in their wallet.
  • The smooth crypto payments could help further adoption of digital assets as a payment method.

Blockchain payments provider Nimiq has enabled its gas-abstracted USD Coin (USDC) transactions on the Polygon network.

The feature is available via Nimiq’s non-custodial wallet, the platform announced on Wednesday.

Achieve Seamless Crypto Payments

Polygon offers gas-abstracted transactions, which means that users can pay network fees in MATIC even if they are sending another token. For example, if a user only has USDC in their wallet, they can still send payments over the Polygon network and pay network fees in MATIC – despite not having any MATIC in their wallet.

Nimiq wallet has a built-in smart contract feature, or relayer, that automatically exchanges the users’ token (USDC in this case) to MATIC. This is then used to effortlessly pay the necessary network fees.

As per the Nimiq team, adding support for gas-abstracted transactions for USDC is a considerable step towards onboarding more merchants into the crypto payments sphere. This is because merchants who wish to accept crypto will have the advantage of Polygon’s network speed and low fees.

Hamzah Khan, head of DeFi at Polygon Labs, pointed out that gas-abstracted USDC transactions from inside Nimiq does more than just streamlining user experience. As per him, the feature helps put crypto on the path to greater adoption for everyday payments.

Nimiq’s solution also aligns with Polygon Labs’ ambition of onboarding more people to Web3 via accessible and user-friendly features, he added.

Apart from USDC, Nimiq Wallet also supports Bitcoin (BTC) and Nimiq’s native token NIM.

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