Nonfinite Exchange Promises Increased Transparency in Crypto Industry


WeThe b3 Exchange Offers Verifiable Trading Center and Merchant-Friendly Tech to Restore Trust in Crypto.

/EIN News/ — NEW YORK, NY, December 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nonfinite, The Web3 Crypto Exchange,announced the launch of its project with the goal of improving public trust in the crypto industry and providing investors with faster access to hybrid exchanges.

Cryptocurrency has had its share of bad press in recent months, largely due to the collapse of FTX. The giant crypto exchange had been enjoying incredible success and growth before greed and mismanagement led to its downfall. This, combined with a lack of industry oversight, caused the market to crash and consumer faith in digital currencies to plummet.

Nonfinite is hoping to reverse the trend by introducing a transparent exchange that uses cryptocurrency to increase trust and profits for its users. Unlike other digital currency projects, Nonfinite has set up a physical operations center in Bangkok, Thailand, with a registered address. Visitors can even make an appointment to visit the hub, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to transparency.

Nonfinite is also compliant with all applicable laws in the countries in which it operates. The crypto exchange holds licenses in Lithuania, Poland, Australia, Canada, and the Czech Republic, with additional permits available for purchase in Japan and the United Kingdom.

“Our vision with Nonfinite is to rebuild trust in the crypto industry and give merchants the confidence they need,” said the CEO of Nonfinite. “We have created a reliable and transparent exchange that allows users to actually make money trading cryptocurrencies, rather than falling victim to scams.”

The Nonfinite Exchange uses sophisticated technology, such as a fractional tool known as Smart Coverage Protection, which boasts a 98% win rate and protects traders against loss. This, combined with market analysis and data from trusted sources, gives investors the information they need to make informed decisions.

In addition, the exchange also allows traders to monitor the total number of transactions, transfer volume, net exchange flow, and the latest reserve values ​​of all operating exchanges. This gives whale traders and traders more insight into the crypto market.

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