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DUBLIN–(COMMERCIAL WIRED)–The Report “North America Cryptocurrency Market 2022” This was added to offering.

This The publication summarises the latest developments in the market. The Post also revealed that by 2023, the US will see a double-digit increase in cryptocurrency ownership and use.

Cryptocurrency It is gaining traction in the US and Canada

Since The US has seen a rise in cryptocurrency trading. Canadian This trend is not limited to the market. The The global average number of cryptocurrency-owners was about 1% higher than Canada’s As of 2021, however Canada The report shows that crypto is rapidly catching up to almost one-tenth of consumers as of 2021. In In addition, Bitcoin And Ethereum These cryptocurrencies were a top choice among cryptocurrency users. November 2022.

In The main reason for buying cryptocurrencies was for more than half the buyers to make a profit regardless of risk. Close to half the respondents also stated that they were doing it to support the decentralized financial sector. . Be part of something new and innovative by understanding the philosophy of the system FurthermoreThe percentage of men who stated that they had used crypto in the past November The publication reported that 2022 was higher for women than it was for men.

The The US is the most popular country to enforce stricter regulations about cryptocurrencies during the cryptocurrency market crash

Cryptocurrency Global adoption is on the rise and the US is not an exception. Although Nearly three quarters of the adults in the US surveyed have never traded, invested or used cryptocurrency. July According to the report, 2022 will see an increase in the number of people using and owning cryptocurrency. Enthusiasm For those aged between 25 and 34, the highest probability of owning or investing in cryptocurrency is in the US. As The crypto market grew, but the US experienced more stringent government regulations about cryptocurrencies. For For example, the country saw the recent implementation of the Responsible Financial Innovation LawThe rules and regulations of the cryptocurrency market are described in the following:

FurthermoreThe US government implemented the initiative. Crypto Regulation Bill As a strict policy concern with cryptocurrency. HoweverThe fall in cryptocurrency market value around the globe, which began in spring 2022, has caused a loss in investor confidence as well as a decrease in asset prices. North America. In Additionally, the region’s crypto markets saw slow funding growth and investment in the first half (2022), and the investment market in cryptocurrency will continue to struggle in the second half (2022) due to the fall.

Inflation The decline in cryptocurrencies was further triggered by the slowdown in the US economy and the slowdown in other economies. AlsoSince then, the cryptocurrency market has been flat and shows no signs of growth. June 2022. Apart This is what led to the demise of FTX as well the US-based decision to create a cryptocurrency firm. Celsius The cryptocurrency market crashed further when withdrawals were frozen.

Key questions covered

  • What Are these the main reasons Americans invest in cryptocurrency?

  • What These were the main motivators for their popularity. Canadian Adults should not invest in cryptocurrencies

  • What The preferred method to make cryptocurrency investments was among cryptocurrency users. Canada?

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1. Executive Summary

2. Global Market Developments

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4. North America

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