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Nvidia, a renowned artificial intelligence (AI) and graphics processing unit (GPU) company, believes that by 2023 the automotive industry will be part of the new era of metaverse technology.

Nvidia Foresees Automakers Incorporating Metaverse Tech in 2023

Nvidia, a major provider of AI and GPU technology, predicts that the automotive industry will embrace the metaverse in 2023.

The company believes that this transition could take place in two different ways. Firstly, companies will be able to keep track of the production process of their vehicles and make improvements thanks to the inclusion of “digital twins” in the factories where these cars are manufactured.

Moreover, designers can also benefit from such integrations, as it allows them to collaborate in a virtual environment that has an accurate representation of the parts being produced.

Renault is an example of a company that has already adopted this technique to save an estimated $330 million.

Retail Benefits from Metaverse Integration

Industry processes are not the only ones that will benefit from this shift, as retail experiences can also be enriched through metaverse technology. Nvidia commented:

Customers can enjoy enhanced product experiences. The vehicle is brought closer to the customer via 3D vehicle simulations, configurators, augmented reality demos, and virtual test drives.

In this way, automotive brands can also join the metaverse to reach a wider audience. Fiat, an auto brand that is part of the Stellantis group, launched its first metaverse store on December 3. Customers can take a virtual tour of one its cars and take a test drive through a virtual course at the metaverse showroom.

Ford, another car manufacturer, has already filed 19 trademarks in preparation for its own metaverse push. September 2.

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