Oduduwa Coin Creator Challenges Criticisms from Warren Buffet


  • Bright Enabulele, the creator of Oduduwa Coin, questioned the negative remarks made by Warren Buffet on cryptocurrencies
  • Enabulele argued that the investor’s comments ignored the potential benefits of decentralized digital currencies like his Oduduwa Coin
  • Enabulele’s statements reflect the growing divide between traditional investors and the cryptocurrency community

Bright Enabulele, the creator of Oduduwa Coin has challenged the negative views on cryptocurrency from Warren Buffet.

Buffet, who is a famous investor in traditional assets such as stocks, has been very vocal in his criticism of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Oduduwa Coin Creator, Bright Enabulele, and Warren Buffet
Photo credit: @NanaObudadzie @warren
Source: Facebook

In an opinion stated by Fortune, Buffet described Bitcoin as a “gambling token” with zero value.

He continued by comparing investing in digital assets to spending time at a casino.

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Buffet’s words were:

“It doesn’t have any value, but that doesn’t stop people from wanting to play a roulette wheel”

Bright Enabulele Disagrees with Buffet

However, Enabulele, who created Oduduwa Coin as a means of empowering the African continent through blockchain technology, has a different outlook.

Enabulele took to Twitter to express his objection to Buffet’s views, claiming that cryptocurrencies, including his own Oduduwa Coin, have real-world use cases and are not just speculative assets.

He tweeted:

“Crypto is not betting. It is a legitimate tool for financial empowerment.

“I am not so surprised that Warren Buffet openly criticized the future, of finance again because investors like him don’t like what they can’t control, and that’s the beauty of crypto.

“Crypto is decentralized, and he’s scared of it because he can’t manipulate, or control it.

“The likes of him has most of their investments in centralised systems, and crypto is the kind of money that cannot be manipulated. That’s why we call it the ‘God money’.

Meanwhile, Legit.ng checked Coingraph which revealed that the increasing trend in the cryptocurrency market in the last few days has had a major effect on the market capitalization of Oduduwa Coin.

The data show that the coin’s market cap reached $1.04 million at the end of trading on Friday, April 14, 2023,the highest level it has been in the last seven days.

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In another report, Lazerpay, a Nigerian fintech startup that uses cryptocurrency, is shutting down its operations.

The CEO, Njoku Emmanuel, announced the closure and stated that the company was unable to secure sufficient funds.

Lazerpay is a two-year-old fintech firm that accepts payments in stablecoins and permits merchants to convert their crypto to fiat currency.

Source: Legit.ng

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