of Bitcoin-backed tokens Epic Presale of Bitcoin-Backed Tokens Underscores Online Betting’s Future


A recent report from K33 Research revealed that the global crypto industry currently stands at $180 billion, while the global online betting and gambling market is worth over $60 billion with growth projections of 11% CAGR to 2030. Chancer is set to revolutionise the betting industry with its unique approach to the online betting.

Chancer is building the “world’s first decentralized social predictive markets platform.” The goal is to redefine the online betting market with a new peer-to-peer (P2P) model that puts control over market making into the hands of the user. The project leverages blockchain technology to allow users be in charge of their markets, odds and rules.

Chancer’s presale has seen incredible interest and investment, with over $835k raised just weeks into the token sale. The project is poised to hit the landmark $1 million in record time. Investors can buy tokens using ETH, USDT, BUSD and BNB.

The goal is to create a robust community spanning the global market and enhance the outlook of the project with the integration of bet sharing and livestreaming features. The native token $CHANCER is set to open up the platform to true decentralisation and democratise social betting.

Crypto investors might view the current prices as an ideal entry point, particularly for a project that’s projected to take a big bite from a market expected to see significant growth all through to 2030. However, it is difficult to pinpoint future performance due to the factors that can be at play during given market scenarios.

Interested in buying $CHANCER? Join the presale.

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