of Bitcoin bull cycle Memeinator Price Soars During Bitcoin Bull Market Stage 4


Memeinator, a promising project to bring order to the Crypto landscape, is in its fourth pre-sale stage, which is divided into 29 stages with a token return of 132%. With a potential of 1,000%, the project has already garnered $703,442 in investment in its few pre-sale days.

Australia is also making progress in the Crypto space with its new licensing proposals, which are set to increase digital asset certainty and drive adoption. According to the report, draft regulations will be issued by 2024, with exchanges having 12 months to comply. Exchanges with assets exceeding AUD5 Million or $3.15 Million will be granted a license.

The project has been attractive to meme investors, many of whom have had interesting experiences in the Crypto space. Memeinator is set to eliminate the bad actors and make meme investment worthwhile, with the mission of driving weak meme tokens out of the market and increasing its market cap to $1 billion. AI-powered marketing will be used to create an intelligent campaign and get everyone talking about the project.

The token has seen an 18% gain for early backers and the promise of further gains as the pre-sale progresses. The project also has high utility and speculation potential, which is expected to increase its value even after listing. AI-enabled branding and marketing will increase adoption, while improved sentiment is also expected to drive up the price of the token. All of these factors have Memeinator’s token value projected to rise by more than 1,000% after its listing.

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