OKEx Launches Ordinals Marketplace Amid Bitcoin Boom and BRC20 Hype


On Tuesday, OkxCrypto Firm, exchange and WeThe b3 Company launched a new website. This groundbreaking technology is now available via the Okx Wallet. This platform will allow users to mint, trade, and view Ordinal BRC20 tokens and inscriptions. The wallet also allows users to make inscriptions.

Okx is embracing the Ordinals BRC20 trend and has revealed a new Ordinals Marketplace. The crypto firm has rolled out the Okx Wallet’s features in phases. Now, users are able to view and download Ordinal inscriptions and later this week, they’ll be able to trade BRC20 tokens. By the end of May, the wallet will allow users to create their own Ordinal BRC20s and NFTs. In June, Okx will allow users to trade (buy, list, and sell) Ordinal inscriptions.

The firm joins the ranks of other Ordinals Market players including Open Ordex, Ordinals Market, Ordswap, Ordinals Wallet, Gamma, Magic Eden, and Unisat. These markets are home to 59,954 unique traders and have helped facilitate over $123 Million in transactions. Ordinal Inscription swaps can be settled using both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In addition to the launch of the Okx Wallet Market for Ordinals, the company is also expected to attend the Bitcoin Builders Evening in Miami on May 17.

What are your thoughts on Okx’s move to embrace Ordinals BRC20 tokens and coins? Share your comments about this topic in the section below.

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