OMA3 Appoints My Neighbor Alice to Its Board of Directors


My Neighbor Alice is pleased to announce that its Chief Product Officer, Riccardo Sibani, has joined the Board of Directors of OMA3 (Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3). This collaboration is significant for both entities, as it marks a step forward in developing a more interconnected metaverse, with high interoperability of virtual land, digital assets, ideas, and services across platforms.

Riccardo Sibani, with his technical expertise and rich blockchain knowledge, is expected to be an invaluable asset to OMA3. He is actively involved in creating shared protocols to guide OMA3 in its collective mission. Commenting on the recent appointment, Riccardo Sibani said, “By fostering collaboration and interoperability between platforms, we aim to create a seamless and transparent experience in the web3 space for all communities.”

My Neighbor Alice is an open world game where players can gather resources and shape their shared digital environment. By joining OMA3’s board of directors, My Neighbor Alice further demonstrates its commitment to establishing shared protocols and creating an open metaverse.

My Neighbor Alice offers an engaging and accessible experience on a charming virtual island. It combines virtual reality, blockchain, and decentralized finance to redefine how people interact with virtual worlds. Integrating Blockchain technology allows players to own and trade virtual assets (NFTs). The game’s marketplace enables players to buy, sell, and trade these NFTs, creating a dynamic and player-driven virtual economy. Players can earn rewards, monetize their creations, and engage in community events, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration.

The team is excited about the future of their collaboration with OMA3 and looks forward to creating a more transparent and interconnected virtual landscape. To stay updated, please visit My Neighbor Alice’s website, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

For more information, please contact Fati Hakim at [email protected]

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