On-Chain Analysts Trace Cryptocurrency Transferred from Alameda Research FTX to ETH, USDT & BTC by Mysterious Entity


On December 27. 2022, numerous on-chain analysts discovered that digital assets related to Alameda Research FTX were exchanged with other tokens. Reports indicate that the hacker behind FTX drained the ERC20 tokens and changed them for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.

Linked Funds to Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alameda Research Exchanged for Ethereum, Tether and Bitcoin

It appears that the person responsible for the funds that were formerly connected to Alameda FTX now controls them. Alameda FTX began to move huge amounts of ERC20 tokens. According to the OXT investigator Namely, on Twitter, Alameda ERC20 addresses were traded for USDT or ETH. “Alameda ETH addresses are hunting for loose coins and trading ERC20 tokens for ETH/USDT,” Ergo tweeted. “ETH and USDT were then funneled through instantaneous exchangers. It sounds off a few of the main alarm bells,” the chain investigator added.

In response to Ergo’s tweet, onchain detective zachxbt replied by saying: “the funds are being exchanged for [bitcoin]”. You can share up to four BTC addresses (12, 3, 4, and 4) Approximately 11.9 Bitcoins with a market value of nearly $199,000, the BTC exchange rates were used to send the funds to the four addresses. In the thread posted by Ergo, someone suggested that Liquidators move funds through Fixedfloat or Changenow, but Zachxbt replied that it was unlikely. “I don’t think they would use Fixedfloat or Changenow.”

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