on Global Economic Development “Modi Calls for International Cooperation for Global Economic Progress”


The Commonwealth Legal Education Association and the Commonwealth Attorneys and Solicitors General Conference 2024, saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi call for international cooperation in addressing contemporary challenges like cyber threats and cryptocurrencies. Held at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi, Modi emphasized the need for unified justice delivery in our increasingly interconnected society.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi stressed the importance of global cooperation in combatting transnational crimes. He highlighted the crucial role of partnerships between countries, understanding different legal systems and promoting cooperation for efficient justice delivery. He also emphasized that jurisdiction should serve as a means of delivering justice, rather than slowing down the process.

Modi also raised concerns about the global networks of criminal syndicates and the growing challenges of cryptocurrency and cyber threats. He called for a reevaluation and reform of existing legal frameworks to adapt to modern realities and improve justice delivery.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the significance of legal education in enhancing justice delivery. He advocated for inclusive policies that promote gender diversity in the legal profession, starting from law schools. He also emphasized the need for legal training that addresses technological advancements and changing societal demands.

Modi also took pride in his government’s efforts to repeal outdated laws inherited from the colonial era, which could be used to harass citizens. This step has greatly improved the ease of living and doing business in India. Additionally, he introduced three new legislations to replace century-old criminal laws, shifting the focus from punishment to ensuring justice delivery and creating a sense of security among citizens.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Modi’s call for international cooperation and his efforts to modernize legal frameworks reflect his commitment to improving justice delivery and promoting ease of living and doing business in India.

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