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OPNX Slams Investors For Refusing To Back Exchange
  • OPNX has reprimanded its investors for denying involvement in its fundraising round.
  • The exchange’s supposed investors have denied any connection with the platform.
  • OPNX’s primary token FLEX has dropped more than 18% amid the dispute with the investors.

Open Exchange (OPNX), the crypto exchange created by the disgraced founders of Three Arrows Capital (3AC), is at the center of a contentious confrontation with its supposed investors. Su Zhu and Kyle Davies’ OPNX has openly criticized its supposed investors for announcing that they never funded the crypto platform and denying association with it.

The controversy began when OPNX shared a list of its supposed investors last night. The list included venture capitals and trading firms such as AppWorks, Susquehanna (SIG), DRW, MIAX Group, Merchant Bank International, Token Bay Capital, Nascent, and Tuwaiq Limited. Since then, almost half of the listed investors have claimed that they never funded OPNX and refused to acknowledge any relationship with the exchange.

AppWorks took to Twitter earlier today and revealed that it was a backer of CoinFlex, a crypto platform that launched Open Exchange with 3AC’s Zhu and Davies. According to AppWorks, its equity in CoinFlex was “forcibly” converted to OPNX. The firm made it clear that it had not committed any capital to OPNX and that it did not support the actions of Zhu and Davies.

Other investors on OPNX’s list publicly announced that contrary to what the crypto platform had claimed, they hadn’t taken part in its funding round or sponsored it in any other way. Nascent was the first to make clear that it had not pledged any funds to Open Exchange. This was followed by a tweet from DRW Trading indicating that it wasn’t an investor in OPNX.

The public humiliation of several of its supposed investors denying association led to a rather controversial statement from OPNX, wherein it accused the investors of utilizing “ugly” tactics to gain financially while simultaneously denying association due to fear of social media backlash.

OPNX CEO Leslie Lamb took to Twitter earlier today and referred to the investors’ conduct as “disgusting and disappointing.” “Investors want all the upside with little to no risk. But I’m here to remind everyone that’s not how entrepreneurship works, if it isn’t already clear,” the CEO tweeted. The controversy has caused a decline of over 18% in OPNX’s primary token FLEX.

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