Parex Raises $6.5 Million in Community-Driven Blockchain Platform Funding


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Parex The DAO Ecosystem has been successfully created by its ParexChain, Parex Wallet, RaccoonSwap, ExchangeOther decentralized applications. A new investment round has brought in US$6.5 million for the company. DWF provided funding of US$ 3,000,000 and Bitgert Ventures, the cryptocurrency exchange’s investment arm, contributed US$ 3.5 Million.

The investment round has been completed and Parex was preparing its ParexChain infrastructure to provide a community-driven DAO Blockchain ecosystem. The funds will allow Parex’s efforts to accelerate its efforts to create an efficient DeFi and DAO ecosystem. Part of the money will be spent on mining and supporting Parex mining.

Innovative Blockchain technology to reduce inflation
Liam Anthony, CEO of Parex and DWF – a proud member of the DWF Labs – announced two important investors who believe in Parex’s promising future. “As a company, Parex is committed to developing innovative blockchain solutions that prioritize community involvement and reduce inflation. With the support and expertise of top investors like DWFLabs and Bitgert Ventures, we are even stronger as we gear up for the launch of the PEP20 Mainnet,” He said. “Soon, we will announce the testnet of the PEP-20 blockchain infrastructure, and launch a massive AIRDROP campaign.”

You can find out more about the a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) ecosystem, which includes a number of solutions, including a unique mining algorithm that eliminates inflation, a token ecosystem, blockchain infrastructure and decentralized applications.

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