Pegasus Token Soars 1,000% in 24 Hours as Crypto Whales Accumulate Second Coin Before Exchange Listing


The Crypto market is continuing to see bullish signals, with the total market capitalization reaching $1.18 trillion. One of the tokens that has seen a remarkable increase is the PEGASUS token, climbing an impressive 1,000% in profits.

Pegasus Sniperbot is a new crypto project that has drawn attention due to its automatic sniper bot feature. This allows investors to have real-time access to newly launched projects and protects them from rug pulls. Moreover, the project offers exotic features to help investors capture promising new projects.

At press time, PEGASUS is trading at $0.56, a 158.46% increase in the last 24 hours. The digital asset previously hit a record high of $0.7048 and is showing strong bullish signals. Listed on DEXTools, the project has an aura of authenticity, evidenced by its 100% community trust. However, it has a heavy buy-and-sell tax of 5%, making it one of the most expensive new tokens in the crypto market.

A Bitcoin-focused smart contract token is also making waves. BTC20 is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. It seeks to draw inspiration from the emergence of the Bitcoin network back in 2011 while incorporating the functionalities of a smart contract network.

BTC20 is selling for $1 in its presale stage, and the same 6.05 million token supply from 2011 is to be released to its early backers. The project has a hard cap limit of 21 million tokens and is stakable, allowing token holders to lock the asset and earn passive income. As an ERC-20 asset, BTC20 is interoperable with DeFi applications on the Ethereum network. The BTC20 project has already gained significant traction, with its presale stage proving to be a tremendous success.

The Crypto market is providing many opportunities for investors, both in the form of established tokens such as PEGASUS and new projects like BTC20. It is important to remember that Crypto is a high-risk asset class and to take caution when investing.

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