Pepe Coin Slips as Bitcoin Price Declines, TIA Gains Momentum


Crypto prices today have stayed in the negative zone, as investors cautiously evaluate potential market risks. This week has been pivotal, unveiling key economic data that sheds light on the current U.S. inflation level. Although inflation appears to have cooled off, the traders remain cautious, as the market has experienced a downturn since BlackRock filed for Spot Ethereum ETF with the SEC.

Bitcoin price was up 0.10% to $36,431.71 at the time of writing, while its trading volume decreased 18.94% to $20.76 billion. Despite the recent dip in the crypto’s price, it was up around 28% over the last 30 days. Ethereum price dropped 1.97% to $1,945.61 and its one-day trading volume fell 21.08% to $11.36 billion. XRP price decreased 2.32% to $0.6062, and its volume was down 22.08% to $1.37 billion. Solana, Cardano, and other cryptos also experienced a slump.

Contrarily, the meme coins have gained today. Dogecoin price was up 4.38% to $0.08507, and its volume increased 16.3% to $2.01 billion. Shiba Inu price rose 1.37% to $0.000008735 and its trading volume was near the flatline at $277.84 million.

The global crypto market cap has decreased 0.89% over the past 24 hours and stands at $1.38 trillion. The volume of the overall market has dropped 18.01% to $58.32 billion.

The top 4 cryptos for today are Pepe Coin (down 3.42% to $0.000001131 with its volume slipping 40.12% to $80.61 million), Celestia (up 10.76% to $6.84 and its volume rising 50% to $588.72 million), Mantle (up 2.91% to $0.5212 with its volume staying near the flatline at $135.10 million), and KuCoin Token (up 2.86% to $6.31 with its volume decreasing 4.95% to $2.23 million).

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