PEPE Market Cap Nears $500M as SHIB Burn Rate Soars & Memeinator Token Presale Thrives


The world of meme coins is experiencing significant developments. Shiba Inu (SHIB) removed over 260 million tokens in the past 24 hours, PEPE Coin’s market cap approaches $500 million, and Memeinator’s MMTR token presale is gaining traction.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has seen a remarkable surge in burn rate, 20,000% higher than the last two months. This encourages the token supply reduction. Despite the impressive burn rate, SHIB’s price has yet to reflect substantial gains, currently consolidating with a 5% decrease on a weekly basis.

PEPE Coin has surged back into the limelight, with its market cap approaching a formidable $500 million. It’s unique deflationary mechanism and redistribution system have contributed to its appeal. Experts anticipate further price increases with the advent of the Shibarium layer-2 blockchain solution.

The Memeinator project is also making waves with its MMTR token presale. It promises to eliminate subpar memes with the help of AI insights and cutting-edge technology. The MMTR token prices are increasing regularly and the project is introducing innovative products like the Memescanner and the Memeinator game.

Those who want to participate in the Memeinator MMTR token presale can connect their wallet, select a payment method from available networks, such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, or use a card for payment, and buy their MMTR. At the end of the presale, they can claim their tokens using the same wallet. Memeinator also runs competitions, open to anyone, including special competitions for MMTR token holders. For more information about Memeinator and its presale, visit the official website.

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