Pi Network Announces Decentralised Moderation Tool on Fireside Forum


Pi Network has announced the imminent launch of ‘Decentralized Moderation’ on the Web3 social platform Fireside Forum. The feature is designed to incentivise better interactions on the Web3 social experience.

Fireside Forum was launched in June this year and has seen steady user interaction since. With the introduction of Decentralized Moderation, the platform aims to achieve a self-sustaining and transparent content ecosystem, allowing for diverse voices to be heard while keeping behaviour accountable and respectful.

The feature will include tiered moderation levels, tokenomics and stakes, as well as a structured fair reward system. Pi Network believes that this will empower users and help shape the evolution of Fireside Forum, enabling it to ensure content quality, accountability, and healthier online interactions.

It is clear that Decentralized Moderation will be a significant step forward for Fireside Forum, helping to create a better Web3 social experience.

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