Pink-Tinted Halifax Harbor: Scientists Conduct Carbon-Capture Experiment


Halifax Harbour was turned into a bright pink hue on Thursday, but this wasn’t for decoration – it was for science! 500 litres of safe, water-soluble dye was released into the water, and boats, drones and underwater robots were used to map its movement. The research was a joint project between Dalhousie University and the climate-solutions research organization Planetary Technologies, with the aim of reversing some of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Katja Fennel, an oceanographer at Dalhousie, explained that the dye was just the first step before the researchers release alkaline material into the water this fall. This material would act as an antacid for the ocean, neutralizing the additional acidic carbon dioxide in the world’s oceans.

The ultimate goal of the project is to test a technology that could help reduce atmospheric CO2 and fight climate change. The ocean holds 50 times as much CO2 as is in the atmosphere, and this research could be a world-leading tool for storing carbon permanently and safely.

Thanks to Baron_Yam for sharing this article.

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