Avail and dWallet Network have joined forces to bring programmable native Bitcoin to rollups in the Avail ecosystem. This partnership will allow users to natively manage their BTC on any rollup without compromising control over their digital assets.

Avail is a modular blockchain solution that unifies Web3 and optimizes data availability for highly scalable and customizable applications. On the other hand, dWallet Network is a decentralized multi-chain layer that enables the creation of dWallets, programmable and transferable signing mechanisms that live on-chain.

The integration between Avail and dWallet Network will leverage dWallet’s multiparty computation (MPC) infrastructure to enhance Bitcoin’s capabilities. It will enable the creation of native bitcoin rollups, allowing for more efficient and secure transactions and operations on the Bitcoin blockchain. This will also support a wider range of functionalities beyond simple transactions.

The collaboration is made possible through Avail Nexus, a zero-knowledge coordination rollup that embeds validity-proof based light clients and execution proof aggregation. This will enable developers to power Avail Fusion’s borrowed security from native assets of the most mature ecosystems, including BTC, ETH, and others.

Additionally, the dWallet Network integration will facilitate the Fusion Security model, allowing users to securely hold their BTC, ETH, or other assets in dWallets and stake them to bolster the safety of the Avail ecosystem. This introduces the first native multi-chain staking/restaking solution aimed at securing the consensus of a different blockchain.

dWallet technology utilizes 2PC-MPC, a state-of-the-art protocol invented by the dWallet Network team, to allow a Solidity smart contract on an Avail rollup to create Bitcoin signatures and manage dWallets. This ensures that users maintain ownership of their native assets and prevent collusion and asset theft.

The collaboration between Avail and dWallet Network is a step towards unifying Web3 and addressing issues of fragmentation and scalability. The Avail Trinity, which comprises Avail DA, Nexus, and Fusion Security, aims to create a completely integrated, secure, and native experience across all Web3 ecosystems.

To learn more about dWallet Network, visit their website at For more information on Avail, visit

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dWallet Network
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