“Polygon and StarkWare Launch Circle STARKs for Streamlined Zk Proofs”


Polygon Labs and StarkWare, two major players in the Ethereum scaling race, have joined forces to collaborate on the development of Circle STARKs for ZK rollups. This partnership marks a significant step towards innovation and progress in the scalability landscape of Ethereum.

The main focus of this collaboration is to improve the efficiency and speed of transactions for layer-2 networks. With Circle STARKs, the proving process for zero-knowledge rollups will be streamlined, resulting in faster and cheaper transactions compared to current technologies.

This new cryptographic proof, named “Circle STARKs”, is a product of StarkWare co-founder Eli Ben-Sasson’s expertise. It promises a seven-to-10 times improvement over existing STARK proofs, making it a significant leap forward in Zk technology specifically designed for layer-2 networks.

The upcoming Plonky3 proving system from Polygon will also integrate Circle STARKs, further reducing transaction fees for users and expanding the possibilities for applications that can be proven.

While this collaboration between fierce competitors may come as a surprise, it demonstrates the industry’s dedication to overcoming scalability challenges and driving technological advancements. The co-founders of both companies see this as just the beginning and anticipate continuous breakthroughs and improvements in the future, highlighting the dynamic nature of blockchain technology.

In addition to this exciting development, Polygon and StarkWare have also announced their commitment to share this article, further promoting the progress being made in the Ethereum scaling landscape. They have also highlighted the categories and tags related to this topic, allowing readers to easily find related content.

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