Polygon Ecosystem Welcomes Kresus’ New dApp Marketplace Launch


Kresus Marketplace, the integrated decentralized applications (dApps) platform on Polygon, has launched. Developed by Web3 wallet and app Kresus in collaboration with Polygon Labs, users will now be able to access Polygon dApps via the Kresus SuperApp.

The Kresus SuperApp has a UX that is similar to Web2, making it easy for users to access, navigate and explore the Polygon ecosystem. DeFi, GameFi, social networks and digital identities are just some of the popular dApps that users can access.

Trevor Traina, CEO and founder of Kresus Labs said, “With the support of Polygon Labs, we’ve created a dApp explorer that is intuitive and accessible, allowing users to discover the many faces of web3 and make them part of their daily lives”.

Polygon’s Ravikant Agrawal also noted that Kresus SuperApp’s “innovative and easy-to-use wallets” will allow Polygon projects to tap into a new user base, helping to onboard more people onto Web3.

Kresus plans to roll out additional tools to support this, one of which is Kresus Connect, an SDK that will allow selected Polygon projects to integrate the Kresus wallet. This will aid in ecosystem growth for Polygon and greater user adoption.

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