Preorder Now Open for Ethereum Phone with Preinstalled Ethereum OS


Ethereum fans can now preorder Ethereum Phones, which are mobile smartphones with the Ethereum OS preinstalled. The initial wave of phones is only available to those who mint certain NFTs. The phone is based on the Google Pixel 7a and is the first physical phone with ethOS pre-installed.

The phone is equipped with components to allow it to interact with the Ethereum (ETH) utility network. It has a decentralized payments tool, a noncustodial crypto wallet, a decentralized messenger, and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) integration.

To reserve an Ethereum phone in the preorder campaign, supporters of Ethereum (ETH) must mint particular NFTs on the campaign’s domain. The NFTs can be purchased for 0.39 Ethers (ETH), which is approximately $650 and is refundable one year after the sale.

The Ethereum Phone makes Ethereum, the largest smart contracts platform, even more decentralized, transparent and censorship-resistant. This phone is following in the steps of Solana’s Saga smartphone, which is currently available in the US, Canada, the UK, the EU and Australia.

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