Presale of Chancer Maintains Momentum


Chancer is a decentralised platform for bettors that is changing the way betting is done. It has drawn investors who have amassed over $2.39 million tokens since the presale.

Users can create betting events, rules and odds to ensure that they win. The amount of money that can be wagered could even increase by 10x as P2P betting increases.

Conventional betting is done on well-known events such as football, basketball and marathons. Social betting is where users can wager against their peers on uncommon or private events.

Chancer opens up a world of possibilities for everyday occurrences, allowing users to bet on the social events they enjoy. Investors and speculators may be interested in the market, as the price of the token could rise dramatically after it is listed. Analysts predict that it could reach a 10x value increase after listing, and even three-digit percents by 2023.

The presale for stage 3 is coming to an end, with the tokens rising to $0.013. Those who bought tokens early will be rewarded with more tokens in the end than what they purchased. It is better to invest in the token while it is still young, as the listing roadmap for Chancer tokens shows it debuting on the exchanges in Q3 of 2023.

By staking some tokens, users can contribute to the growth of the platform and receive yields to supplement passive income. Chancer is attractive to investors and offers passive income, making it a good example of token power in real life.

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