Presale of Shiba Memu Nears $2 Million Mark


Shiba Memu (SHMU) has raised an impressive $2 million in its fast-paced presale. Investors have been captivated by the project’s AI capabilities, which have the potential to turn it into a powerful marketing force. If the project continues to gain traction, the value of the token could increase by as much as 1000%. Tokens can be purchased directly from the project’s website.

But is Shiba Memu the best meme cryptocurrency of 2023?

The meme-based cryptocurrency space has grown significantly since the start of 2020. Its market cap has gone from $0 to $20 billion in just two years. However, most meme cryptocurrencies have yet to replicate their gains and remain sustainable, leading to a prolonged bear market.

That’s why Shiba Memu looks like it could be the alpha edge that investors have been searching for. Not only does it have the benefits of being a meme, but it is also designed to be sustainable. AI is at the heart of the project, allowing it to write its own PR and devise its own marketing strategies to create a sense of FOMO.

The potential of AI in creative advertising is clear. It can be used to crawl the web to find the best ideas in marketing, and then package the information in an engaging and understandable manner. This could be the key to Shiba Memu becoming an even bigger sensation in the crypto world.

Which brings us to the question: is Shiba Memu a 10x investment? This is difficult to answer, as meme tokens have risen as much as 50x in the past. But due to its strong presale performance, SHMU could be well on its way to becoming a major success.

The presale is unique in that the price of the token increases daily at 6 pm GMT. This means that investors can witness their investments grow daily. It also allows them to benefit from the tokenomics, which will double the value of SHMU over the course of the 8-week presale period.

When the presale ends, investors will receive their tokens and be ready to reap the rewards once SHMU lists. Possible price drivers include hype resulting from clever self-marketing, and an AI dashboard which allows users to interact with the software and stay informed of the latest in creative advertising.

All in all, Shiba Memu looks to be a promising meme-based cryptocurrency with the potential to become an even bigger success as the world evolves through AI. It could be the unlikely hero of 2023, while the rest of the sector catches up.

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