Price of Gala Token Soars as Airdrop for V2 Approaches


Gala Tokens are on the rise as the developers announced their plan for the imminent V2 airdrop. The token reached a new all-time high of $0.048, the highest price since March 19th, and an increase of over 216% since the start of the year.

Gala’s Upcoming Airdrop

The GALA’s price has skyrocketed since the developers announced their plans to airdrop the second version. The airdrop will take place on a 1:1 basis for holders of the GALA Token.

In a blog post, the developers explained the reasons for the airdrop. The token is being upgraded with a wider ecosystem, and will be compatible with the Gala Smart contracts Ethereum. The new token will have a more secure design and be easier to use, as well as introducing a mechanism to destroy the fuel.

The developers hope that by introducing the burning process, they can reduce the total volume of tokens while increasing the value to holders. As part of this transition, the developers cautioned GALA token holders to remove their tokens as soon as possible from smart contracts or liquidity pools. The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other:

“We envision a bright future for $GALA and the projects that will be built upon it. This new era for our GALA paves the way for a prosperous and thriving ecosystem that benefits all participants.”

Gala Games is one of the leaders in the blockchain industry. It is a platform for gaming, metaverse and non-fungible (NFT). Its primary service is to enable developers to create and deploy games that users can enjoy in the ecosystem.

Gala Games is also launching its own smart chain called GalaChain, which is more reliable, faster and cheaper.

Gala Price Prediction

The daily chart shows the GALA token has been in a massively bullish trend over the past few weeks. This is a huge increase over the moving averages of 25 and 50 days, and the token has retested the key resistance point at $0.048, the highest point on March 18.

Therefore, there is a high probability that the token’s price will continue to climb as buyers aim for the next major resistance level at $0.062, the highest point since January 27. If the price drops below the $0.043 support level, the bullish outlook will be nullified.

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