Price of Ripple Soars After Billion XRP Released from Escrow; InQubeta Championed for Crypto AI Revolution.


Ripple (XRP) Labs continues to drive the crypto market through their monthly tradition of releasing 1 billion XRP from escrow since December 2017. This action has caused a surge in the token’s value, attracting investors to the platform. An crypto expert has forecasted that the bullish momentum indicators will drive the crypto AI revolution.

InQubeta, with its unique features such as deflationary mechanism, NFT market, and vesting period, is revolutionizing the crypto AI industry. Investors can benefit from a buy-and-sell tax of 2% and 5%, which is allocated to burning wallet and a dedicated reward fund respectively. QUBE, as an ERC20 Token, is deflationary and this is why the expert believes it will lead the crypto AI Revolution.

InQubeta has had an impressive presale for QUBE Tokens, raising more than $4.5 million with 474,000,000 tokens being sold at a price of $0.0161. This has resulted in a spike in interest in the QUBE pre-sale this year.

InQubeta’s approach to investment is one of the most innovative. It allows individuals to choose their own budget and invest accordingly, while holders of QUBE tokens can invest in projects they support and get rewarded.

The 12-week vesting for the QUBE token releases new tokens slowly, fostering trust and confidence in the investor community. This feature is a key factor behind the crypto expert’s prediction that QUBE will lead the crypto AI revolution.

Ripple’s strategic move to unlock 1 billion XRP tokens from escrow aims to bolster the cryptocurrency’s liquidity within the market. Since 2017, tokens have been released in a planned manner, each month, in order to protect the digital currency from devaluation.

The dynamism and innovation of the cryptocurrency market are evident from InQubeta’s pioneering approach for crypto AI investments and Ripple’s strategic moves. The crypto expert’s prediction that InQubeta is leading the crypto AI revolution is further strengthened by its unique features. Therefore, InQubeta stands out as the best crypto-investment platform in the AI industry.

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