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Senegalese-American artist, Akon, has put the minds of his TOA participants at ease, informing them that refunds would be issued. In addition, the singer even claimed he would be willing to tour the world if it meant repaying them. “a world tour just to pay them back.” Akon admitted that he should have “put more things in his place before promoting it”. [Akon City].”

Promising to reimburse token holders with a world tour

Rhythm And Blues (R&B) Singer and music producer Akon has made a promise to reimburse his TOA token holders. The Senegalese-American artist was not only the face of the TOA campaign but also gave his supporters the chance to purchase the cryptocurrency. However, some of his early backers have requested for refunds after waiting for more than two years.

The award-winning artist vowed, “I would do a worldwide tour to repay them.”

Launched In 2019, Akon’s TOA was presented to its financial backers. This The token was a precursor to the akoin currency, as well as an opportunity for its holders to invest. However, Some individuals have become disheartened after waiting for refunds from the singer.

Evidently, he acknowledged that some supporters had lost faith in the project. Akon During an interview with BBC, he suggested that his ambitious but delayed mega-construction project was in fact still on the horizon. Akon CityIt is still being worked on. As News Construction on the first phase of the singer’s construction has been reported “futuristic cryptocurrency-themed city” It was anticipated that the project would begin in 2020’s second half.

Following The singer announced a multi-million-dollar project. Akon’s The team announced that the initial phase of construction, which included the construction of hotels, schools, and a waste facility, would be completed by 2023. HoweverAccording to a BBC report, the location of the mega-city is Akon This land has been transformed into grazing area for goats.

Akon Still Believes in His City of Dreams

During Interview AkonThe delay is attributed to the covid-19 pandemic, which he admitted he should have known. “have put more things in place before promoting it.” HoweverAccording to the singer, his project, which was “co-signed” by the current, is still in good hands. [Senegalese] president” is still alive.

“I plan to retire in that city. I don’t like the term “king of the city”. But That’s exactly what it will be.” Akon According to reports,

During In the interview, R&B singer, Alicia Keys was asked about investor concerns regarding the legality and legality of cryptocurrency use in a country regulated by the Central Bank This is West African States (BCEAO). He said.

I want to make certain that crypto is included within the city in accordance with all regulations.

As According to the BBC report, BCEAO warned not only about the dangers associated with crypto, but also called it illegal.

MeanwhileWhen asked if the akoin cryptocurrency remains the preferred medium for exchange in the planned capital, she replied that it was. Akon This was promised “figured out by the time the city is ready, that’s for sure.”

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