“Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) Launch Imminent – THORChain (RUNE) and Cosmos (ATOM) Investors Anticipate Profits”


  • THORChain, RUNE, and Cosmos (ATOM) have been top gainers in the recent bullish crypto market, with THORChain exceeding $40 billion in total volume since its inception.
  • All in Bits has launched a new governance chain ahead of Cosmos’ AtomOne fork.
  • The pre-sale for the defiant meme token, Rebel Satoshi, has been completed and is preparing for launch.

Investors are also eagerly anticipating the launch of Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ), a memecoin with the potential to be among the top DeFi coins.

THORChain breaks $40 billion in total volume

THORChain, a mega-decentralized exchange in the DeFi space, has surpassed $40 billion in trading volume since April 2021. Its monthly average volume is $3.13 billion and its daily average is $142.38 million, with plans to reach $1 billion per day in the future.

In addition, users have borrowed over $10 million using THORChain, showing a significant increase in usage since its inception.

The token for THORChain, RUNE, has seen a surge in value, currently worth $6.12, a 63% increase from last month’s low. Forecasts predict a maximum value of $8 by 2025.

All in Bits launches governance blockchain in preparation for Cosmos Hub fork

In November 2023, there was conflict within the Cosmos community over a proposed decrease in the inflation rate for the ATOM token. As a result, a new chain named AtomOne was created. All in Bits, headed by Cosmos’ co-founder Jae Kwon, has launched a new governance chain called GovGen, with the goal of giving more power to those who voted against the proposal.

Similar to RUNE, ATOM has seen a significant increase in value, climbing 33% since January 23, 2024. Forecasts predict a minimum starting price of $20 for ATOM in 2025.

Lastly, there is anticipation for the launch of the meme token, Rebel Satoshi, and why it has potential to be one of the top DeFi coins.

Excitement builds for the official launch of Rebel Satoshi

Investors have eagerly awaited the end of Rebel Satoshi’s pre-sale and the beginning of its journey towards revolutionizing the modern finance system. The project is set to ignite a DeFi rebellion and promote fairer wealth distribution for ordinary citizens.

After the pre-sale, there will be further developments, including a vault for NFTs and a burning of unsold $RBLZ tokens, making it deflationary in contrast to the inflationary RUNE and ATOM coins. Users can also earn staking rewards while securing their $RBLZ tokens.

The official launch of Rebel Satoshi is scheduled for March 4, 2024, with the pre-sale extended by 14 hours to accommodate latecomers. Since the start of trading, tokens have already increased by 140% to a value of $0.024, with analysts predicting even greater gains on decentralized exchanges.

For the latest updates, visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact them through Telegram.

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