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It’s It’s always interesting to hear about the new grants that are being awarded. But, what comes after the announcement? In In this series, we will be taking a look at projects that are either in progress or close to completion. Read Check out these latest accomplishments and achievements of grantees!


The Baseline This project is about creating a protocol to allow companies to keep their records in sync and lessen costly errors in B2B transactions. It Utilizing the Ethereum Mainnet, It serves as a universal framework and preserves business logic while safeguarding data with zero-knowledge proofs. The Project is still in development The ethereal oasis. First Introduced In March 2020 by a group 15 teams, Baseline Representatives from over 30 companies and organizations are now part of the supervisory board. Now In v0.1.0Released In August 2020, Baseline Several tools are now available for business users.

Funding Award to Baseline It was recently used to Announced Reference Protocol scholarship programBy Baseline’s Through the governing bodies open collective To help keep up research, development and adoption.

Follow Baseline’s Progress on Twitter @baselineprotoContribute Github Join the discussion at Discord, Loose Y Telegram.

Aztec By PLONK

The Aztec As the leading innovators in zero knowledge, the team is spearheading the zero knowledge movement. PLONKSNARK’s universal and efficient design, and its successors TurboPlonk Y UltraPlonk. Aztec Received a grant August 2020 for their work in PLONK, the Rust-based Noir Programmable privacy language within a PLONK short Aztec Recent achievements with PLONK and Noir include the following key elements:

Azteca has much more in store – follow their progress on Twitter @aztecnetworkGithub aztec protocolJoin the Discord.

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