“Record-Breaking ICO: Bitcoin Dogs Raises $6.8M in Presale Amidst Surging BTC Price”


Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG) has been experiencing a surge in demand since its presale launch on February 14. In just three weeks, over $6.8 million worth of tokens have been purchased, thanks to its connection to the Bitcoin blockchain and the current rise in Bitcoin’s price.

The presale for Bitcoin Dogs will conclude on March 15, and it has already seen significant success. This can be attributed to the increasing inflows into Bitcoin products and the recent approvals of spot ETFs. According to Markus Thielen, founder of 10X Research, these inflows have created a supply-demand imbalance of 1:10, making it highly likely for Bitcoin to reach a new record price.

Bitcoin Dogs is the first-ever ICO to be launched on the Bitcoin blockchain, and it has been the core beneficiary of the recent bullish events surrounding Bitcoin. The project has seen a fire presale, with 90% of its 900 million minted tokens already sold. This has positioned Bitcoin Dogs as a high-potential project and token, making it a desirable investment opportunity for many.

One of the main factors driving the demand for Bitcoin Dogs is its various use cases in the world of NFTs, gaming, and the metaverse. This allows investors to benefit from the growing popularity of these industries and expands the scope of benefits previously unavailable to users of the parent Bitcoin blockchain.

Additionally, Bitcoin Dogs will have its own NFT collection, known as the Bitcoin Ordinals, with 10,000 unique and collectible tokens available for token holders. The project also has a virtual world, known as Dogaverse, where token holders can participate in various activities such as social interactions and competitions.

With the presale concluding in just 11 days, FOMO (fear of missing out) is building among investors who don’t want to miss the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin Dogs before it is listed. The project has already gained a huge following on social media platforms like Telegram and Twitter, and the price of $0DOG continues to rise, making it a desirable investment option.

For those interested in participating in the presale, they can visit the official website of Bitcoin Dogs. As the presale approaches its end, the project’s team continues to keep the community informed and engaged through its social media channels.

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