Republic Launches Self-Custody Wallet for 3 Million+ Customers


Digital finance firm Republic has officially launched its self-custodial multi-chain digital wallet, opening up crypto access to a global community of over three million customers.

The wallet’s security has been tested and audited by Quantstamp, and its multi-party computation integration offers an extra layer of protection.

The Republic Wallet offers users the chance to access tokenized assets across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and Avalanche. Features of the wallet include buying, storing and trading digital assets.

Head of Republic Crypto, Andrew Durgee commented: “For millions of global retail investors, investing in private assets like startups, real estate, and fine art is opaque, highly illiquid, and mostly inaccessible. Tokenization solves all of these problems. It’s why we built Republic Wallet, a multisig, multi-chain digital wallet designed for a future where most private assets are tokenized.”

The wallet has the potential to bring the benefits of tokenization to the global community, catering to retail investors interested in tokenized securities and real-world assets, among other offerings.

The first to use the wallet will be Republic’s 5,000 holders of its digital security, Republic Note. Availability will then expand to more users, who will also earn passive income by staking rewards. They will also be able to trade private assets directly from their wallets.

Republic hopes that the wallet will help to democratize private investing worldwide, bringing tokenization and Web3 to millions of people. The global tokenization market is forecast to reach $24 trillion by 2027.

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