“Responsible Gambling Promoted for Sustainable Ecosystem”


Crypto gambling is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Over 420 million people around the world are using cryptocurrency and many of them enjoy gambling. To ensure that players keep up with responsible gambling, tools like GamStop are available.

What is GamStop? It is a free online service based in the UK that helps gamblers get support from professionals when needed. When players create an account, they are no longer allowed to gamble on UKGC-licensed sites. The GambStop ban can last up to 5 years and can be prolonged or removed afterwards.

The benefits are obvious. Gamblers can play on sites that are regulated and get professional help when needed. However, it is possible to bypass GamStop as players can access non-GamStop casinos which are not controlled by UKGC.

Crypto gamblers are more likely to use non-GamStop casinos as they offer greater bonuses, anonymity, and additional features. However, these sites are not heavily regulated and do not invest in security as massive UK casinos do. This is why responsible gambling tools are even more important for these players.

Besides GamStop, there are other responsible gambling tools, such as GamBan and BetBlocker. GamBan is an app available on computers and smartphones, but it is not free. BetBlocker is a free app that blocks over 85,000 gambling sites. NetNanny is also a free app that works on all operating systems and was initially developed for parental control.

The use of responsible gambling tools is essential for crypto gamblers to ensure a safe and secure gambling experience. With these tools, the gambling ecosystem can become more sustainable, and there will be fewer people with gambling-related issues. By promoting responsible gambling, the whole gambling ecosystem can flourish.

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