Revenue Soars at as Whale Investors Dive into Flow & InQubeta


In the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency and decentralized platforms, projects such as and InQubeta ($QUBE) have faced both technical and reputational challenges before gaining success. There has been an influx of ‘whales’, big investors looking to capitalise on the potential of these two altcoins.

InQubeta is an AI-focused platform offering fractional investments in start-ups via the use of its QUBE tokens. This democratises the investment process and provides an opportunity for those outside the Silicon Valley bubble. The ERC20 token is deflationary and features a burn wallet and reward pool, incentivising users to hold and stake QUBE. InQubeta’s NFT marketplace is powered by its token, allowing for transparent and efficient investments. It has been certified for security and transparency by Hacken and BlockAudit, and has already raised over $3.4 million in its ongoing presale. has faced criticism for its revenue model, yet has managed to exceed expectations with its Sniper Bots alone generating $5.9 million, accounting for 34% of total revenue.

Flow is a blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem that focuses on interactive experiences, decentralized apps, and blockchain-oriented games. It creates an environment for the creation and trading of NFTs, placing it at the forefront of the digital revolution., Flow, and InQubeta have all demonstrated potential for success, offering unique propositions within the larger crypto ecosystem. For more information on InQubeta, visit the InQubeta Presale or join The InQubeta Communities.

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