Revolutionizing DeFi: Premia Blue Options Exchange Launches on Arbitrum Network


Road Town, British Virgin Islands, September 13th, 2023, Chainwire – Premia BlueNow live is the first of its kind DeFi options exchange. Arbitrum is designed to welcome all levels of traders and liquidity providers, offering unmatched capital efficiency, user-functionality, and composability.

Traders can now fully customize European-style crypto options with market-driven pricing and dual trading modes—AMM and Orderbook. Premia Blue is the only options platform where DeFi products can be combined regardless of the preferred trading method.

The unique features of the platform, its smooth UX and easy onboarding make it accessible to traders with any level of knowledge, experience or skill. Liquidity Providers can create pools on any ERC-20 Token without permission, and customize their risk profile to suit. Premia Blue’s unique Smart Range Orders and Concentrated LiquidityOne-click allows for liquidity providers and one-click users to maximize their capital. Strategy Vaults Offer potential passive yields.

As part of Premia Blue’s special promotion, for a limited period, users can receive 50% of protocol commissions back on referrals during the initial month.

Premia Blue is the hybrid nature of the best of two worlds – centralized fees and decentralized attitudes. To compete with big players, the platform matches costs on a granular basis while also offering new primitives and transparency.

The following are some examples of how to use Options Protocols. Previous DeFi options protocol (including Premia V2) has been designed in a vault style. In using protocols like this, users can offer liquidity or purchase options. However, LPs are required to take on all risks across all dates of expiration and strikes. On the other hand, traders must contend with fragmented or low liquidity, and pricing models that are inefficient.

In contrast, Premia Blue is the first crypto-options exchange to combine an order book with algorithmic strategies and an AMM. Composable and fully onchain. The users of the onchain orderbook can download it for free and be sure that their orders will not be censored or front-ran.

The platform also introduces multiple sources of liquidity: a RFQ-network and Concentrated Liquidity Pools. These sources are combined into a deCentral order book. As a bonus, traders receive multiple price quotes for the same product from various inventory sources.

Premia Blue DeFi invites users on their DeFi journey to benefit from a special offer: 50% commission on protocol referrals during the first month. The initiative was carefully designed to provide rewarding experiences to all, from individual supporters to platform developers.

Formerly known as Premia Finance, Premia Blue is more than a DeFi platform. It is a shift from a traditional financial landscape to one that is more democratic. Anchored in the principles of Public Redux Economic Market and Investment Access, the platform’s mission is to provide universal access to investment opportunities and foster economic empowerment.

Premia Blue’s platform offers a comprehensive suite of services through the Premia Blue Apps and educational resources are available via Premia Academy. Whether you are a trader, liquidity provider or new in the market, the platform has something for everyone.

Initially launching exclusively on Arbitrum, Premia Blue has ambitious plans for omnichain functionality. Users are invited to become a member of Premia Blue’s journey in reshaping the financial horizon.

For more information, please note that this site does not offer investment advice and should not be taken as such. To reduce the risk, it is important to consult a professional advisor before trading or investing in crypto assets or derivatives.

For more information, contact Kseniia Baziian, Premia at [email protected]

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