“Rising Crypto Trading Volume: Experts Predict Explosive Growth Ahead”


Key Takeaways:

– BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF has achieved a trading volume of $1.3 billion for the second consecutive day.
– BTC has reached $57k as Bitbot’s presale approaches $750k.

BlackRock’s IBIT Trading Volume Soars:

Bitcoin has had a strong performance this week, thanks in part to BlackRock’s IBIT and other spot Bitcoin ETFs. BlackRock’s IBIT has reported a trading volume of $1.3 billion for the second day in a row, surpassing Monday’s volume of $1.35 billion. This puts it as the fifth most traded ETF in the US during morning hours, indicating a growing interest from institutional investors in Bitcoin.

Bitbot and its Value Proposition:

As trading volume in the crypto market continues to rise, projects like Bitbot are emerging to cater to the needs of traders and investors. Bitbot is a Web3 project that offers a Telegram trading bot with exciting features to assist with cryptocurrency trading. It stands out as a self-custodial trading bot that allows trades to be executed through cold wallets on Telegram, leveraging the platform’s popularity among crypto users.

Bitbot’s Unique Features:

Bitbot focuses on offering tech-savvy features to simplify the trading process for users. It prioritizes security, with features such as Knightsafe for self-custody solutions, anti-MEV and anti-rug solutions to protect assets, and an ultra-flexible wallet management system powered by non-custodial API technology. It also plans to launch a copy trading feature to help novice traders learn and gain expertise in the market.

Bitbot’s Presale Progress:

The Bitbot presale is currently in its fourth stage and has raised $736k out of the required $862k. The growing funding rate shows a strong interest from investors, and the $BITBOT token is currently priced at $0.0116, set to increase to $0.0122 in the next round. The project plans to use 20% of the total token supply for ongoing development, 14% for marketing and CEX listings, and 3% for exchange liquidity provision.

Potential for Growth After Presale:

As cryptocurrency prices tend to soar post-presale and exchange listings, Bitbot has the potential to be a big winner in this bull cycle. With the rising trading volume in the market, fueled by factors like the Bitcoin halving, Bitbot could see significant adoption and success. Interested readers can visit the project’s website to learn more about the upcoming presale.

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