RNDR Price Soars: Here’s What’s Behind the Surge


Render Token (RNDR) has been experiencing a surge in price, currently trading at $2.66, up 7.73% in the last 24 hours and increasing by 42.49% in the past seven days. This is due to the various Render Token news that has been in the spotlight lately.

On May 22, the Render Network released an announcement of revisions to the C4D plugin for Octane which included a brand new feature, an ORBX export command tailored exclusively for RNDR Jobs. This announcement caused a 6% RNDR price surge.

On May 19, Render launched its new Render Network Foundation website, featuring an all-new community hub, an Artist portal, Knowledge Base, information about participating in Render Network Governance, and links to Render Network’s social sub-communities.

These two news items have contributed to the current bullish trend of Render Token. Share this article and learn more about the Render Network.

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