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Famous author Robert Kiyosaki, who penned the acclaimed novel Rich Dad Poor Dad, recently warned that this is the last chance to purchase gold and silver at such low prices. “Inflation is going up. Interest rates are rising. The stock market will crash and gold and silver will go up,” Kiyosaki declared.

Robert Kiyosaki Predicts Stock Market Plunge to Boost Gold and Silver Prices

Rich Dad Poor Dad, co-authored by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter in 1997, was a New York Times Best Seller for more than six years in a row, and has sold over 32 million copies around the world in more than 51 languages ​​in 109 countries.

On Monday, Kiyosaki highlighted that gold is currently at $1,800 and silver is hovering around $24, tweeting:

Inflation is rising. Interest rates are increasing. The stock market will crash and gold and silver will ascend. This may be your last chance to buy gold and silver at such low prices.

The Rich Dad Poor Dad author has long been encouraging investors to purchase gold, silver, or bitcoin. He has previously stated that he only invests in physical gold and silver, not in gold or silver exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Many on Twitter reminded Kiyosaki that he has been giving the same advice for years. Some disagreed and hoped for a decline in gold prices from the current level.

“As the Federal Reserve prints trillions of dollars, gold and silver prices plunge,” Kiyosaki said in October, adding:

Rising interest rates can kill an economy. Stocks, real estate, and bonds will all collapse. The Fed will pivot. Buy gold, silver, and bitcoin before the Fed twist.

However, he also warned: “Gold, silver, and bitcoin can protect your wealth… but not your income. As the economy crashes, stock markets crash, pensions crash, and unemployment rises, a side hustle can provide you with income… Your side hustle can become the next Amazon or bitcoin.”

Earlier John Deutsch, another famous author, said those who have bitcoin, gold, and silver will be wealthy when the time comes. In July, he called silver the best investment available when silver’s price dropped to $20.

Moreover, Kiyosaki recommends buying bitcoin in addition to gold and silver. He recently clarified that his bitcoin investment is not trading. That is why he loves when BTC hits a new low. In September, he encouraged investors to get into crypto before the biggest economic crash.

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