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The Lead vocalist in the rock band Kiss, Gene Simmons, has revealed that he still owns cryptocurrencies despite the bear market and the collapse of the FTX exchange. “I’m into cryptography,” the rock star said. “I believe in that.” He noted that he owns a few cryptos, including bitcoin and ethereum, and advised “Everyone should do their own research.”

Gene Simmons is ‘Really Into Crypto’

Rock legend Gene Simmons made it clear Thursday that he still has cryptocurrencies despite the crypto winter and closing of the FTX exchange. Simmons is an Israeli-American singer, songwriter, actor, and producer. He was the frontman, bassist and co-lead vocalist of the rock band Kiss, which he co-founded together with singer-guitarist Paul Stanley.

In reply to a query by Crypto Housewife at her Moneybag Vodka Launch event in Alberta, Canada, about whether she “still holds” her crypto, Simmons said: “Well, I’m not going to suggest or recommend anything. I’m not a financial advisor.” The rock star added

But since you asked me, yes, I’m into crypto. That’s what I believe in. I have bitcoin and litecoin. Personally, I’m fine with waiting, but everyone should do their own research.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s price has dropped 64% over the past year, while Ethereum’s is down 66%. The crypto space has seen several major explosions in 2018, including the implosion of Terra Blockchain in May and the collapse of FTX last month.

FTX, Compute North, Voyager Digital, Celsius Network, Three Arrows Capital and Blockfi have all suffered financial issues and filed for bankruptcy. One million customers have lost billions of dollars due to the FTX crash.

Simmons had previously disclosed that he owns 14 cryptocurrencies. In June he said that he had not sold any coins despite the crash in the cryptocurrency markets.

In an interview with American Songwriter in May, Simmons said that cryptocurrency was something he thought about more often. “Governments, as you know, now print money when they need it. So, inflation keeps getting bigger and bigger,” the rock star said, who went on to state:

Yes, it’s a game changer. I’m really into crypto. It was an amazing experience.

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