Roger Bayston: Blockchain Aiming to Tap into Massive TAMs


Roger Bayston, Head of Digital Assets at Franklin Templeton, is confident that crypto investors will eventually be rewarded for their patience despite the current volatility and uncertainty. He is positive about blockchain technology as it sits at the heart of a digital economy.

Franklin Templeton has launched two blockchain investment funds, a consumer app that enables browsing tokenised securities and cryptocurrencies, and the OnChain U.S. Government Money Market – a registered mutual fund on two blockchains (Polygon and Stellar).

Bayston believes blockchain will transform capital markets and asset management. He told CNBC that these protocols are trying to address very large TAMs where there’s application for these public databases that help reduce friction of one database not being the exact copy of another.

Despite this, Rekt Capital recently suggested that Bitcoin is positioned for further downside ahead.

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