Rumours of Huobi Insolvency Send Shockwaves Across Crypto Markets


Justin Sun, the founder of Tron (TRX) has dismissed recent rumours about the crypto exchange Huobi as FUD. Despite this, the broader crypto market is still experiencing uncertainty, with Tether sell-off and Bitcoin’s retreat from the $30k level.

However, one crypto project that has continued to attract investors is AltSignals, a trading platform that utilises artificial intelligence in a new algorithm.

Huobi, the 12th largest crypto exchange by trading volume, was again in the news this weekend over its solvency status. With USDT selling-off and Huobi witnessing huge outflows, BTC declined to lows of $29,000. This followed reports of arrests and investigations against the exchange by Chinese authorities.

Adam Cochran, a crypto analyst, pointed to on-chain data that shows Huobi’s assets at less than $90 million as of August 5, against the company’s latest ‘Merkle Tree Audit’ that indicated it held about $630 million in USDT. This fuelled the insolvency rumours.

However, Sun and Huobi have responded to the allegations, with a Huobi community manager, Xandi, saying the circulating information was “pure rumours” and that neither Huobi nor Tron has been questioned by Chinese police.

Given the current market turmoil, investors can take advantage of the situation by looking for promising projects that may offer bargains. AltSignals is one such project, and their presale can be accessed here.

The platform is building an AI layer atop their already successful trading algorithm AltAlgo, which is powered by the ASI token. ASI holders have access to ActualizeAI, and can earn rewards from within the AI Member’s Club. The platform offers accurate buy and sell signals in real-time and 24/7 across any market condition, with natural language processing, machine learning and predictive analytics integrated to offer optimized performance.

The current AltSignals price is $0.01875 and will rise to $0.02274 at the end of the fourth presale stage. Thereafter, the price could rise significantly given the demand for the token, whose community currently exceeds 50,000 traders. To buy ASI, visit

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