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Four Russians were charged in the USA with running a crypto-pyramid. Ponzi scheme that reportedly swindled traders of tens of millions of {dollars}. If If convicted, they could face a maximum sentence of 20 years jail time for their role in the decentralized finance platform (defi). Forsage.

Forsage Founders of cryptocurrency pyramid charged

Federal grand jury in the District Of Oregon Returned an indictment Wednesday For what authorities consider a global crime, indicting founders of a defi cryptocurrency investment platform Ponzi scheme. The organization, ForsageAccording to a US investigation, it allegedly received around $340 million from its victims. Department Of Justice announcement.

The 4 defendants, Vladimir Okhotnikov, Olena Oblamska, Mikhail Sergeev And Sergey MaslakovThe residents of the Russian Federation. Some They used many aliases, while aggressively marketing the venture through their web site, social media, and other outlets as a high-quality, profitable, low-risk alternative. SergeevFor example, he presented himself as Mike Mooney Or Gleb Million.

Forsage The public was introduced to the company as a decentralized, matrix venture that was largely based on network marketing. It also uses smart contracts. In It was actually created and ran as a real. Ponzi a pyramid financing scheme that swindled traders around the world. Each The conspiracy to commit wirefraud is the charge against one of the defendants. If If they are convicted, they will serve 20 years in prison.

Court You should consult an attorney about paperwork Russian Residents made smart agreements on the Ethereum, Binance Smart ChainAnd Tron blockchains. Analysis The code indicated that the code could be used to verify that it was as soon as someone invested in. Forsage By purchasing a “supposed” “slot” A smart contract stipulates that the funds have been used to pay earlier. Forsage traders.

US Attorney Natalie Wight For the District Of Oregon It was stressed that the indictment comes after an extensive investigation. “Filing charges against foreign actors who utilized new technology to commit fraud in an emerging financial market is a complicated task that is only possible with full and complete coordination of multiple law enforcement agencies,” she explained.

Blockchain The forensics revealed that over 80% of these were found to be fakes. Forsage Traders received less Ethereum (ETH) than they had earned from their investments. Ethereum program. AdditionallyA minimum of one contract was required to siphon investor funds into cryptocurrency accounts controlled by the founders.

Forsage Online launch in January 2020. The RussiansAfter the US, ‘indictment comes after Securities And Exchange Commission 11 people were indicted by the (SEC). August Last year alongside the co-founders, 7 promoters, and 4 other members of the platform for their or her involvement. The building and promotion the fraudulent crypto pyramid. Ponzi scheme.

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