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Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, has revealed that it has invested more than $35 million in metaverse initiatives to attract and connect younger audiences in Latin America as part of its digital growth strategy.

Samsung’s Push Into the Metaverse in Latam

Many corporations have begun to place their brands and products in the metaverse as part of their marketing strategy and Samsung, one of the world’s largest electronics companies, has recently announced that it has invested more than $35 million into metaverse initiatives. for Latin American customers.

Anita Caerols, Director of Marketing and Corporate Citizens of Samsung Electronics Chile, explained in a published article on December 20 why the company was turning to virtual reality. She said:

At Samsung, the metaverse is a concrete commitment that connects with young consumers. That is why we invest more than US$35 million in initiatives that encompass all aspects of the economy in Latin America.

Additionally, Caerols considers that these fully immersive platforms will be part of the future in marketing. Samsung is exploring them.

Engaging Younger Audiences

Samsung is focusing heavily on the metaverse and the amount invested in this area is justified by the company’s marketing vision. On this, Caerols explained:

If a business wants to be successful, it must be able to speak with and connect to younger audiences, as well as engaging with potential future consumers and new influencers.

These platforms are more familiar to Gen Z and Gen Alpha audiences, who are also the ones that use them most frequently. Samsung wants to draw attention to its product offerings and its proposition. According to a study, metaverse platforms have 400 million users per month, of whom 51% are 13 years old or younger.

Samsung’s interest in virtual worlds is not new. The company has made numerous moves to be part of metaverse platforms.

In October 1995, the company started its “House of Sam” experience in Decentraland. This allows users to interact virtually with the company’s products.

In July, Samsung launched another metaverse experience on Roblox called “Space Tycoon”. This allows users to participate in a space station where they can build products from Samsung from raw materials.

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