SBI VC Trade Partnership Propels XDC Token to Trend in Japan


At press time, the XDC token price was $0.03539 and had gained 12.88% in the past 24 hours. The interest in the token is due to the strategic alliance formed between XDC Network and SBI VC Trade, a subsidiary of the SBI Group. The partnership was announced on Twitter and is seen as a major milestone for the XDC Network.

The XDC Network is a hybrid blockchain ecosystem that enables the eXchange inFinite and provides Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus (XDPoS). It is also developer friendly, utilizing ISO20022 messaging standards and Hybrid Relay Bridges with Instant Block Finality.

This partnership has the potential to revolutionize the Japanese finance sector, which trades about 2,000 trillion dollars annually. XDC Network’s involvement is beneficial for both the network and the market. Additionally, XDC has launched several initiatives aimed at enhancing the user experience and making it more intuitive.

The strategic alliance between XDC Network and SBI VC Trade underlines the importance of a hybrid blockchain ecosystem for facilitating seamless transactions. It positions XDC as a leader in the blockchain market, promoting digital transformation in the finance and trade markets.

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